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Now earn 1 point for every

$1 you spend

Lagos Card Reward

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  • 10% off your first purchase for signing up

  • Rewards on your birthday

  • Exclusive offers

  • You earn Points with every eligible purchase

  •  Redeem your points to pay for products

  • Redeem points for free products

  • And much more !

Terms & Conditions

How to earn points: Once enrolled in the Program, when you identify your account at the time of purchase, you will earn 1 points for every CAD $1 dollar spent on qualifying purchases. You can identify your account at the time of purchase by any way that we recognize, such as: (a) scanning a QR code at a register or kiosk, or (b) giving the code displayed in your account to the bakery crew person who is taking your order. If you don’t properly identify your account before you complete your qualifying purchase, you cannot earn any points for that purchase. 

Qualifying purchases: A “qualifying purchase” means purchasing eligible products from the bakery in a manner that properly identifies you as described above. Qualifying purchases where an active reward, or promotional offer is redeemed will accrue points, but you will only accrue points for dollars actually spent in the transaction. Further, unless otherwise stated, the following are not considered qualifying purchases and will not accrue points: (a) when redeeming points for free products; (a) Arabelle’s gift card purchases or loading money on an Arabelle’s gift card (unless tied to a promotion), but when an Arabvelle’s gift card is used to make a qualifying purchase you will accrue points. 

Verifying your points balance: You can check your points balance in your account at the store front counter. Points that you earn may not always immediately post to your account. You are responsible to ensure points from your qualifying purchases are correct. If you believe points from your qualifying purchase were incorrectly calculated, you must notify us immediately by providing your receipt . Except where prohibited by law, including in the Province of Québec, Arabelle’s has the sole discretion to determine points in your account and Arabelle’s has no liability for any delay or failure to correctly credit points to your account. 

Exchanging your points for rewards that you choose: You can exchange your points for rewards for free products. From time to time, Arabelle’s may offer new and different ways for you to earn and redeem points, including bonus campaigns or points accelerators. Arabelle’s has the sole discretion to offer, change and terminate the different ways to earn and redeem points, including for example, the points associated with bonus campaigns and accelerators. Sometimes earning and redeeming points may be subject to additional terms disclosed at the time of the offer. 

Point expiration: Points expire 12 months from the date such points were earned, except where prohibited by law. Points will be maintained in your account until you exchange your points for a reward, or until they expire, whichever occurs first. If Arabelle’s terminates the Program, any unused points in your account will expire and be void when the Program is terminated. Upon termination of your account for any reason (including, but not limited to, whether you choose to close your account or Arabelle’s terminates your account for a violation of these Terms), all points that you have accumulated in Lagos Rewards will immediately expire.

Your compliance with the Reward Terms:  Arabelle’s Bakery has the discretion to invalidate or void points from your account, or to suspend or terminate your account (both now and in the future), if Arabelle’s Bakery believes you improperly obtained points, abused the Program or otherwise violated the Terms (including the Reward Terms). In that event, you forfeit any points you have accumulated (including properly obtained points) and you forfeit your right to earn points in the future. Except where prohibited by law, including in the Province of Québec, Arabelle’s Bakery has the sole discretion to determine your compliance with these Terms. 

No rights in points: Points are not property and you have no vested right or interest in points. Points have no cash value. Points are not assignable or transferrable between accounts or otherwise, and points cannot be combined across accounts, regardless of who registered the account. 

Changes to Arabelle’s Lagos card Rewards. Arabelle’s Lagos Rewards can change from time to time. Arabelle’s Bakery reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, change, modify or discontinue Lagos Card Rewards, in whole or in part, including any terms, rules, features, benefits, rewards, conditions of participation, points accruing or accumulation ratio, the points redemption policy, the points expiration policy, or any other aspect of the Program at any time, with or without advance notice, even though changes may affect points and rewards already in your account. 

Arabelle’s Bakery may make changes to any element of the Program to correct for typographical, printing or other errors and you waive any rights relating to same. Any changes will become effective immediately upon posting the revisions. At all times, you are solely responsible for remaining knowledgeable about and in compliance with these Reward Terms.   

Miscellaneous:  All rewards offered via the Program are subject to availability. Some participating locations do not sell all products offered as rewards. Images of products and packaging of rewards are examples only and may not be identical to the product or packaging you receive from a participating restaurant. Wholesale customers do not get rewards points for their purchases.​

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